Damn Vulnerable Web Application (DVWA) Installation script for Kali Linux


I recently needed to setup a series of labs for an introduction to security course.  I decided to use Kali Linux as the primary VM for all of the students and then install Damn Vulnerable Web Application (DVWA) to explore basic web security concepts.  Since this is an introductory course, I didn’t want anyone to get too hung-up on the installation of DVWA so I went looking for a scalable way to help automate (I still wanted the installation to be hands-on after all).  I found a script to install DVWA on BackTrack 5 posted by Travis Phillips on The Unl33t Blog, it didn’t quite work but was a great foundation for me to create an updated version.  The primary items that needed to be updated where the location to download DVWA, any file-handling commands based off of the download and then a few tweaks to creating and updating the database.  Create a script and copy/paste the contents below into the file.  Make sure to give the file execute permissions: Continue reading