SD Code Bootcamp partnership with The Bakery!

The Bakery

We are excited to announce that ALL Code Bootcamp students will receive a 6-month membership to the Bakery as part of their Code Bootcamp tuition! This creates an amazing networking opportunity for all of our students, if you are not familiar with the Bakery, let me give you a quick run down.

The Bakery all started with a crazy little idea to create an environment to unite the thinkers, doers, and creators of our community. An environment to foster relationships between those who have skills to teach and those who want to learn. An 8250 square foot building where people can come together to learn, support, and inspire one another.

The Bakery exists to challenge the status quo and inspire action. It’s a home for thinkers, doers, and creators. It’s more than a co-working space. The Bakery is a dynamic community fostering creativity, collaboration and connection. The kind of connection that grows your network and increases your bottom line.

You can read all about the Bakery on their website, we will be setting up tours for students during the first week of class.

We’re excited about this opportunity and what it brings for our students.  If you haven’t signed up for SD Code Bootcamp it’s not too late –!


Code Bootcamp has found a home!


Code Bootcamp has signed a lease for our new training center and office – The Rock Island building!

SD Code Bootcamp‘s new training center and office space is located at 300 N Phillips Avenue, in the heart of downtown Sioux Falls.  This means we’ll be in the same building with Click Rain, Better Business Bureau, Verizon and Co-Op Architecture.  We’re hard at work preparing the space for our first bootcamp, which starts May 26th.  We’ll be hosting an open house soon so stay tuned on Twitter, Facebook or sign up for our newsletter at  If you’re interested in discussing Code Bootcamp, seeing the space or just grabbing a coffee let me know, I’d love to chat – contact me using whatever is convenient!

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Advanced WordPress Workshop


In case you haven’t heard, I’ll be running an advanced WordPress workshop next week, March 26th, at the Design Center in downtown Sioux Falls.  This session will focus on expanding the functionality and user experience of your site.   Some of the topics that we’ll cover include:

»     Search engine optimization techniques to help people find your site
»    Extending the functionality of your WordPress site through plugins
»    Working with embedded technology such as video, audio, web forms and more
»    Expanding social media capabilities of your site
»    and much more!

Register Now!

WordPress not for you? Don’t worry, many of the topics we discuss will have broad applicability over a variety of websites. Bring your laptop as this will be an interactive session. Participants will be able to utilize free or trial based services to create their own site.  Bring your questions and laptop and be ready for a great learning experience!

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Introducing OpenIDEA – Validate Your Ideas!

OpenIDEA | Validate your ideas

I’ve worked in the technology space for well over a decade now and one of the things that continues to keep me passionate in this field are ideas.  From ideas that create new markets to ones that disrupt – our imaginations really are the limit.  Being someone that gravitates toward entrepreneurial individuals, I’ve found through countless conversations that many have an almost endless supply of ideas.  I include myself in this group.  When I first started out in pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors I used to keep my ideas to myself, as if I were sitting on the next Facebook or Twitter. I was afraid that if anyone heard my idea they’d create a team, rush it to market and steal all of my millions.  Of course, the harsh reality is that it’s very unlikely that that idea is in my head.  But how do I know that?  A close friend and I used to discuss our ideas openly because we shared a special trust.  It didn’t take us long to find an idea we both liked and started working on it.  Being this was our first idea, and we were both programmers, we cranked out an MVP before we even talked to anyone about the idea – that is, defined a target audience and performed even the most basic of market research.  It wasn’t until months of custom development that we took our MVP public and started showing people.  Our product met with mixed results – some liked it, some didn’t, most didn’t understand it.  It was at this point that it finally clicked that we went about it completely backwards.  Of course there was some basic entrepreneurial skills that I was lacking, but I also started to see how much effort goes into taking an idea from something that you discuss with a friend to an actual product.  As great of a learning opportunity as it was, it wasn’t an experience I wanted to repeat Continue reading